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The Valley: El Valle de Anton

A community with Feng Shui design, coming soon to the paradise city inside the volcanic crater

The Valley is known for two things above all else: wind and water!. That's the literal translation for Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of achieving harmony with the environment.

Just mention "El Valle" to any Panamanian. They will surely exclaim "fresco!" because of the fresh mountain breeze that keeps the valley comfrotable all year. But even more memorable for international tourists are the valley's abundant water systems. Everywhere you look there are rivers, waterfalls, lakes, wells, and even volcanic hot springs! This is the essence of Feng Shui.

Ducharme Investments is working with Xia Jing Shan, a world-famous Feng Shui master from Shan Dong, China, to master-plan a residential community inside the volcanic crater. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil ensures healthy and abundant flowers, fruit trees and vegetable gardens for a serene and healthy way of life.

There are dozens of beautiful waterfalls and countless rivers inside the giant crater.

Left: El Macho Waterfall
Overlooking this natural beauty is a Treetop Canopy Tour. You'll glide through the jungle suspended by a cable that's connected to the tops of some immense trees.

Below: Las Mosas Waterfall

All of the waterfalls in The Valley dump into this one.

Volcanic Hot Springs with Healing Clay

The cave on La India Dormida, El Valle de Anton

A 20-minute hike up the inside wall of a volcanic crater takes you to a small cave. This photo is a view from the cave at night. The actual view is stunning. The glorious moon reflects off a blanket of silky, translucent clouds that covers the sleeping village below.

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