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Fotos de la ciudad de Panama

Punta Paitilla, a neighborhood mostly filled with luxury condominiums. Paitilla protrudes into the bay of Panama. Some residents remember when this area was virgin jungle. That is to say that the development here has been rapid, although nothing compared with the developments happening right now in the adjoining Punta Pacifica.

The Mirage Tower Platinum Tower

These are two beautiful structures developed recently in Paitilla by F&F Properties . F&F's current projects include Ice Tower, one of the tallest ten skyscrapers in the world, and Vitri Tower.

The Radisson Decapolis Hotel (+507 215-5000), one of Panama's most modern and fashionable hotels. The Decapolis is connected to The Majestic Casino and Multi Centro, a large, luxury shopping center.

Both of the above are views from our offices in Paitilla.