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Panama Mountain Photos


Campana es el primer parque nacional de Panama, a solo media hora de la capital. La vista panoramica le quitara el aliento por un momento. Pero el aire fresco y lleno de energia pura le dejara como nuevo.

El Valle de Anton

This beautiful town is set inside a huge volcanic crater. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil ensures healthy plant growth. Everywhere you look, you'll find flowers, fruit trees, vegetable gardens.

El Macho Waterfall
Overlooking this natural beauty is a Treetop Canopy Tour. You'll glide through the jungle suspended by a cable that's connected to the tops of some immense trees.

Las Mosas Waterfall, El Valle de Anton

All of the waterfalls in The Valley dump into this one. You will find Michael excercising here nearly every weekend. Since the volume of water increases dramatically after a rainfall, the workout routine is naturally varied. In the warm winter, the current is very strong.

Piedra Pintada, El Valle de Anton

The cave on La India Dormida, El Valle de Anton

Volcan, Chiriqui

The province closest to Costa Rica is Chiriqui, and it's home to this volcano.

The area has a fresh climate that's great for living and for perfect for producing vegetables. The high elevation means that nights are chilly.

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