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Panama City Helicopter Tour

Costa Del Este, Oceanfront Suburb of Panama City

Costa del Este is a luxurious master planned suburb just 3 minutes east of Panama City. Here you can see the developing suburb and the short toll road that connects it with Panama Central.

Mystic Point Towers and developing Punta Pacifica

Credicorp Bank, "The Intelligent Building"


Beautiful Beaches near Panama City

The following four pictures are all taken just a few minutes West of Panama City. The Miramar Playa Bonita Hotel and Resort, a residential beach community and private land with secluded white sand beaches.

Panama Canal and Commerce

Some bird's eye views of ships passing through the magnificent canal. The Miraflores Locks controls the flow of water allowing ships to pass. The Balboa Port is one of the busiest shipping ports in the world. Miles of stacked shipping containers evidence the volume of business that is processed in Panama for the benefit of the world.